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Aim To Go Higher

During flights, cabin pressure is used to balance the loss of oxygen that naturally occurs when a plane reaches high altitudes. When that pressure is not stabilized, lack of oxygen can cause headaches, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, swelling of the brain, fluid in the lungs and even spontaneous lung collapse.

Multiple Streams of Income Is Not New.

What is multiple streams of income? When someone has earnings from more than one sources at the same time, residual and/or passive, it is called multiple streams of income. Having more than one stream of income is a very common practice today as we grapple with the economic realities and pressures of this age.

My father, who is 94 years old now, was an engineer, a farmer, a fisherman and a cattle ranger during his working life, sometimes all at the same time. That sounds difficult, however to maintain his huge family he had to multi-task. The cash from his regular 8 to 4 job was inadequate so he supplemented it with the other sources of income. This was more than 60 years ago, hence my claim that multiple streams of income is nothing new.

The Internet Advise

When you google “multiple income stream”, you will see as many as 22 different avenues to earn additional cash, many from the comfort of your home. It is a highly recognised fact that this is normal requirements because of the pressure of earning a low salary and having high expenses.

How are you managing with your regular 8 to 4 job income, and/or the part time job? I have news for you, you can own a business, from which you can earn other streams, plus what you already have. You will be your own boss, working from your home, at your pace and convenience.

The internet has valuable information, as I noted above, however I invite you to study this special package that we have set up to make it easy for you. Free signup, free training, one platform, 22 years in this business, providing guidance to you, all in one place.

The Pressures of This Era

The airplane uses “good” pressure to sustain life in the air. I want to let you know that the situations that we are facing now do not have to bring us to our knees. We can use them to give us buoyancy, to lift us up not bring us down.

Psalm 118: 5 (ESV) says “From my distress I called upon the Lord, The Lord answered me and set me in a large place.” There is a God who cares for us and wants to guide us in the right direction. I encourage you to seek His help today because He is here to help us when we call on Him and to rescue us from the pressures that surround us daily.

You may know of someone who needs this advice and encouragement, feel free to share it with them. Make a difference to somebody’s life today.

I Have An Offer For You

I have been an affiliate marketer for more than one year. This is another of my online income stream. The work is rewarding, the training has a wide scope but I am managing. The internet will take over the way things are done in the near future. Learn, advertise and earn.

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Be blessed: Ms. Evette.

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