Use Body Language And Non-verbal cues in Your Advertisement!

Proverbs 16:30 says “Body language can expose a person’s intentions:  whoever winks the eye is planning perversity; whoever purses his lips is intent on evil.”

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Body language is the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated. The human face and eyes are extremely expressive, able to convey countless emotions without saying a word.

You may rarely think about your body language. Some movements comes with practice but many are unconscious. When you are networking, giving a presentation to colleagues, pitching to clients or talking about yourself during job interviews, your body language is very important.

Cues are non verbal body language that are done that serves as a signal to another person to commence an act or perform a task.

Are There Non-verbal Cues In Advertising?

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Advertising and marketing are all about nonverbal and body language cues because you have to put your brand and messaging into every aspect of your promotion. You only have a fraction of a second for your promotion to make a good first impression to online consumers. 

You need to capture your online audience’s attention with your website’s nonverbal cues and optimize your virtual first impression. Your successful ad has to stand out and make an immediate positive impression or it will be skipped over.

You have to show people where to look for the most important focus in your advertisement. This is a central focus — an action step, like “Click Here”, or a product, and this is where a customer’s attention should ideally be.

There is actually a nonverbal trick to getting your customer to focus on your target that you can learn to use. Your “Buy Now” button on an advertisement should have a model looking right at that target or main message.

There are certain features on your website where you should draw the most attention, using non verbal clues; use them effectively.

  1. Logo
  2. Main navigation menu
  3. Search box
  4. Social networking links
  5. Primary image
  6. Written content
  7. Website footer

Illustrations with happy faces, hand gestures, eye movements are all other non verbal cues can be applied in your ads. It’s imperative in online marketing that you understand the basic, universal, facial expressions.

The faces and the photos that you choose to display on your site need to convey the perfect message to your audience. Do not make the mistake of using photos of people smirking, giving unfriendly or insensitive portrayal.

“Content is King”

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Researchers believe that presentation of content is a significant determinant of investors’ decisions about whether to invest or not. Body language, although important, is an insignificant factor for such important financial gestures. In other words, substance and preparedness matters more.

The quote “content is king” is very often used in conjunction with content marketing and SEO. It implies that unique, high quality, interesting and relevant content contributes significantly to the success of companies on the Internet.

In a job interview, interviewers would be impressed by job-hunting candidates who delivers both substance and style. In contrast, candidates who lacked substance but tries to make up for it by adopting more vigorous body language would not be judged high because content is what matters.

Preparation, Purpose, Practice, Performance

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Preparation: When you’ve taken a good look at your keyword research and decided upon a topic to write your next blog post, that is only the first step.

You have to focus on your aim for writing, who you are writing to, what is your expected response and how to achieve these goals among other things.

Purpose: You can write because you want to persuade people. You want to convince them to buy your product, link up with you or adopt your ideas. 

The aim of your article could also be to entertain and amuse people. You may deliver serious information using an entertaining mode. 

Your blog or article could also be informative. In this case, you write to share knowledge about a certain topic that you are knowledgeable about. 

Practice: In order to formulate your message, you could try to phrase a question which your text should answer. You refer to such a question as the central question of a text. And the text you write should give an answer to your central question.

You then have to make sure that your central question is clear. You come up with a summarized answer to your central question in one or two sentences. This summarized answer is the message of your article, to which you will give further details. 

Performance: You already thought about your audience who you want to reach when you started your website. But it never hurts to remind yourself before writing your text.

Make sure you adapt your text to them and adjust the difficulty level of the information in your article as well as the difficulty of your style. Review, with a view to improving your body language, tone and your content.

This stage is about looking for opportunities to make your content feels both authentic, smooth and more persuasive. Whatever feels most natural to you, what ever looks professional and presentable is what you should give to your audience.

Use Great Content And Cues

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Researchers have found that recognized products that are highly successful all consist of non-verbal signs that have their own meanings. They communicate their meanings through the signs, language and non-verbal communication via there social messages.

Body language is used to strengthen and complement the words, expressing feelings and opinions, used as greeting devices. The advertisement is expected to provide an understanding of the meaning of the communication. The audience must be able to comprehend some non-verbal signs so as to digest the positive messages that advertisers want to transfer to the audiences.

It is imperative therefore, that you learn to use all the available methods and modes that will put you in an advantageous position when you create your ads.

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