Affiliate Marketing: Use Stories To Make A Lasting Impact

 “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty” says Proverbs 14:23

The Process

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Affiliate marketing is the process by which an individual earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply advertises and promote product(s) or services, on behalf of that company. When a sale is made the affiliate earns a percentage of the profit from the sale.

Promotions refer to the entire set of activities, which communicate the product, brand or service to the user. The idea is to make people aware, motivate and induce them to buy the product. Affiliate marketers are the influencers for the sales promotion which is a part of the overall marketing effort.

A prospective customer, or prospect, is a person interested in making a purchase, with the financial resources required, and the power to make purchasing decisions. The customer has a need and the affiliate marketer will meet that need via his persuasion and motivation.

The Influence

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How can you encourage any stakeholders to tackle issues relating to his or her situation? Psychologists have concluded that information alone is insufficient to change attitudes – let alone motivate people into action.

There are two main types of evidence that can be used to support a proposal. A case study which may focus on the story of a real customer, stakeholder or small group of individuals.

The other evidence is statistical fact which uses numerical data. This can include raw data or probability based on historical trends. Hence the importance of product reviews and influencers marketing in the process of advertising.

The Best Tool For Engagement

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Using a story about the experience of an individual or particular group of people continues to be one of the best tools for engaging audiences, In affiliate marketing this is true and a proven fact. Customer relationship is quickly established by organic advertising and reports from trusted individuals.

Percentages are effective only when they reinforce the fact that a significant majority of stakeholders are involved. In other words, this is persuasive if they demonstrate that a considerable number of people are impacted by an issue.

Some people believe that rationality should rule in the marketplace and that everyone should rely only on numerical data. However, the reality is that most people cannot help but be swayed more by stories than statistics.

The Power of Repetition

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From a logical point of view, hearing the same argument multiple times should be no more persuasive than hearing it merely once. Repetition constitutes redundancy.

However, the researchers found that audiences in face-to-face discussions and when reading written arguments are measurably swayed to behave differently when an identical statement is repeated.

This suggests that it would be a mistake to propose an idea or make an argument only once and assume it has been taken on board. Affiliate marketers can be encouraged that their work of repeatedly advertising is not in vain.

Impactful Messages

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Leaders often try to give inspirational speeches, mentioning the vision of the organisation, its purpose or how it contributes to a greater good. Researchers have found that there is another way to make such messages more effective.

When organisations request their beneficiaries to speak on behalf of the organisation’s products and services this is found to be impactful. When they use customers to talk about the level of services they received and their efficiency. Others may speak about how their lives were saved or improved by the end product and service.

Speeches and testimonies delivered by beneficiaries were more effective at boosting audiences’ trust and confidence in what is offered. As an affiliate marketer you should strive to use testimonials in your marketing campaign.

Changing Attitudes

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Another rhetorical device for persuading audiences may be to find a influencer who was converted from an opposing point of view. Having a speaker explain the process that prompted their conversion is more effective at changing attitudes than their explaining both sides of the argument.

It is clear that finding good case studies and testimonies, repeating messages and identifying the right speakers to advocate a cause is more time-consuming. However, studies confirm that such methods are also more impactful.

Affiliate marketing is all about repeating the same message over and over. Success comes only when you are committed to the cause. Your confidence is built up further when information confirms that your process is correct. Your success is assured if you continue your dedicated efforts knowing that what you are doing is right.

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