How To Make A Change In Your Career Stream

“Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house,” Proverbs 24:27

Career vs Job

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A career is the job or profession that you do for a long period of time. Your career is the part of your life that you spend working to sustain and enhance yourself. 

A job mentality can be just going to work to earn a paycheck. A career, on the other hand, means that each of your jobs, experiences, and training programs helps you to advance in pay and responsibility. 

The real difference between a job and a career is your attitude. People who want a career are always thinking about their long-term goals and growth. To them it is more than a pay check source.

A Positive Attitude

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Having a positive attitude about your career, means being optimistic, interacting, enjoying, and doing what you have to do to the best of your ability.

Your positive attitudes can create hopeful and helpful scenarios for the best outcome in difficult situations. The situation may not be easy or pleasant but your mindset will make a difference.

A career change is the process of taking on a role that differs from your recent work experience. This includes involuntary changes driven by circumstances and changes that are pursued to improve quality of life, job satisfaction and remuneration.

Current Prevailing Circumstances

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No doubt because of the Covid-19 pandemic many individuals are reconsidering their working lives. Covid 19 has triggered a career shock, a deliberate, disruptive and extraordinary event to jobs.

The impact of the crisis has been particularly severe for informal economy workers, for whom staying home means losing their jobs and their livelihoods. The impact of the pandemic and containment measures led to a severe contraction in economic activities.

Many people were unable to go to work and businesses could no longer operate. Even if still working, many workers have to accept shorter hours and/or wage cuts in different industries

Telework Arrangement

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We see “telework” arrangement filling the gap. It allows employees to perform work, at an approved alternative worksite especially from their homes. Essential services have encouraged those who can telework to do so.

In order to promote a rapid move to telework for all operations that allow it, a series of measures to simplify its use were put in place. It may be healthy to reconsider retirement at this time if telework save your commuting activities.

This pandemic reminds all of being vulnerable and sparks off a voluntary process of pondering career changes. Many are suddenly out of work with no other option but to consider, swiftly, new directions.

Steps Through Your  Change in Career

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  1. Take a personal inventory of yours assets. Including your training, experiences, hobbies, financial and social circumstances.
  2. Brainstorm career availabilities that matches your assets. Consider taking what is available now but aim for what is your first choice.
  3. Search for potential job openings. You can have options, three or four choices, to fall back on rather than focus on one job at a same time.
  4. Do your research. This is very important because you may want to fall for anything when you see your situation as urgent or even desperate.
  5. Make an action plan and rebrand yourself in action, attitude and thought process. There is a space for you to occupy you just have find it.

Self-Employment Options

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There are 4 Big Challenges For Self-Employed Professionals

  • There is no safety net to assist if financial difficulties arises. Small businesses tend to be less prepared for financial crises than larger companies.
  • Self-employed persons frequently are self-taught financial managers. It often means having no one to teach you the ropes, trials and errors help you make it through.
  • Do-it-yourself approach has to be adopted if there are financial restrictions. This opens up the possibilities to be very flexible and rounded but possibly amateurish.
  • Because of competition self-employed persons are found to sell themselves and their products and services short. Branding has a very important role to play here.

As you consider new options, do also think about your constraints and personal situation. What restrictions do you face geographically, financially and socially? Consider not only professional but also personal achievements as you reflect on your personal qualities and values.

Consider especially the pressures you may put on your family and the limitations on their willingness to support you during what could be a disruptive time. Think also about the particular skills you enjoy using or topics that engage you.

Habit Dies Hard

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You may feel anxious about the prospect of large-scale change to take action and pursue some new career. However, confidence rarely arises spontaneously, your action is required to generate it.

Thankfully, your change can be broken down into small, very manageable steps. To consider what you might do next, allow yourself time to reflect on how you would like your life to turn out.

When you have identified possible contenders for a new career direction, aim to deepen your insight by engaging in gathering information. Continue to take small steps by reading widely and speaking with friends and confidants to generate ideas.

What Are Possible Deterrents?

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Many would-be movers are currently in jobs limiting themselves by thinking of career change as a black-or-white, all-or-nothing transition. They must either quit to pursue the new career or stay as they are. Others avoid changing careers because they fear the upheaval.

Remember to think of career change as a series of small steps rather than one massive, daunting leap. Taking action will grow your knowledge, skills and confidence, so explore the possibilities by taking small steps.

To begin with, do as little as investing a handful of hours every week in researching options and reviews. Having conversations with real people will inform your thinking much more than assuming, wishing and hoping.

You should look for opportunities to volunteer or otherwise get involved. By actually interacting with people in prospective lines of work, you will learn its upsides and pressures.

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