Has The Pandemic Changed Your Retirement Plans?

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6

Planning For Retirement

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Retirement planning is the process of determining your retirement income goals, and the actions and decisions you have embark on to achieve those goals. 

It also includes identifying sources of income, now, estimating future expenses and implementing a savings program accordingly. You need to manage assets and risk continuously.

The major challenge of creating a realistic retirement plan is to be able to develop a balance between changing return expectations and a desired standard of living anticipated.

Investment Portfolio

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You should focus on creating a portfolio that is flexible that can be updated regularly to reflect current and changing market circumstances. Your retirement objectives will also have to go through changes as time goes on.

Keep a close eye on how long you have to meet your goals. Carefully examine the types of retirement accounts and packages that can help you raise the necessary levels of money to fund your future plans.

As you save that money, you need to invest in viable sources that will enable your money to grow. If you’ve received tax deductions over the years for the money you’ve contributed to your retirement accounts, do expect a significant tax bill when you start withdrawing those savings.

The Pandemic Impact On Retirement Plans

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Stress levels are usually high because of the pandemic. It’s difficult to focus on financial preparations for retirement when you are facing more immediate financial concerns now. 

There is less saving for retirement in many cases because of the pandemic. Persons who are furloughed or laid off are not able to take advantage of the automatic deductions for contributions to their workplace retirement package.

You can make emotional decisions, in these crises, that are short term and not fully beneficial while you focus immediately on health crisis or child care issues.

Older workers are forced into early retirement. Those who have lost their jobs and been unable to find new employment during the pandemic may have no choice but to take earlier than planned retirement.

6 Reasons To Stay On Your Job

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Research planners have noticed that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many federal employees have delayed retirement for a variety of reasons. Some for financial reasons others because work situations have altered to their favour.

Employees who had grown tired of their long commutes to and from work and planned retirement in 2020 changed their mind. Once they started teleworking on a near regular basis they decided to stay on their jobs.

Not starting your retirement planning early in life could lead to several serious problems. Staying in your job would benefit you in that you won’t need to rely on your savings for as long.

Additionally, you’ll have more time to save and improve your returns for a better retirement package. This is helpful if it was not possible for you to have a considerable saving amount in the earlier years of your employment.

Reasons Not To Stay Any Longer

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When your job situation is tough, unsafe or you have health challenges, you will welcome retirement as soon as possible. While retiring early and spending your days lounging around may seem ideal, this is not for everybody.

Other retirement-eligible employees who must report to a work site and deal with health and safety protocols may be calling it quits during COVID-19.

For others, the pandemic has changed their employer financial situation, and they’re adjusting by retiring some of their staff. On the other hand, where the workload has become unbearable because of short of staff, you may decide that the pressure is too much for you to handle, and so leave.

Balance Your Decisions

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Are you thinking differently about your retirement plans now that the pandemic has changed the way you work and live?

Unless you have a plan for what to do during retirement and a network of people to spend your time with, you may be better off continuing to work a little longer. As you put in your last few years on the job, you can also spend some of your off time thinking more about what you’ll actually do when retirement eventually arrives. 

Working helps you to maintain social connections, provides structure to your days, and presents mental challenges that keep your mind active. For some people, early retirement can actually result in an increase in both physical and mental health issues, including depression, because of the resulting loss of structure and lifestyle changes.

Open Options Available

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The Corona 19 virus has been a huge financial strain globally, some suffer through furloughs, layoffs and pay cuts. Some people have stopped or reduced the amount they are putting in retirement accounts, and others have tapped in on their savings to help cover current bills.

While staying in the workforce isn’t the right choice for everyone, it’s something to seriously consider. If you don’t yet have a plan for how to spend your retirement days or you aren’t confident you’ll have ample cash to sustain you as a senior, just hang in here a little longer. 

A part time job can be an option to help in your situation. You can consider all the pros and cons and identify what will suit you best.

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