The Beauty of Commuting!!

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

Take A Light Minded View

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While the idea of commuting is unappealing, unpleasant and a source of stress to some people, there are many activities and ways you can make sure this time is well spent. There is always some good to reap if you take the time to examine your situation closely.

Your commute is the perfect time to prepare for the day ahead. You don’t need your laptop or even a notepad – mental planning is just as useful. Think about the previous day, what went well and what didn’t. Think about how you can embrace the upcoming day.

A smart, light minded approach to commuting can make these extra hours productive. Thus, it’s important that you take the time to align yourself and evaluate your situation and mindset. Here are many ways you can make use of your commuting time.

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Meditate: Reflect: Relax:

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Meditating is one of those things we know we should do but sometimes struggle with. Luckily, your journey to and from work opens the doors towards a calm and focused mind. Just a few minutes on your commuting time can transform your mindset for the day, helping you to feel more focused, energized and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

The commute can be a perfect time to reflect critically on your own personal well-being. Here you can acknowledge anything in your life, professional or personal, that is causing conflict or unease and consider potential changes that could be made to it.

Gratitude makes you happier, healthier and just a general good personality to be around. Be grateful for your life, it will never be perfect but still better than what many have to face.

Podcast And Social Media

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Commuting is perfect time to catch up with podcasts. Block out the commute with some headphones and your phone or tablet. Whether it is a relevant educational podcast, a comedy, sport or a discussion, listening to a podcast will help the time fly.

If you are studying for exams you have a good change to do so while commuting. Use your time to revise and go back over your studies.

What’s the next major move coming up in your life? The solitude of your journey is ideal for practising an important presentation or preparing for a tough conversation.

Down Time And Power Nap

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On some days you may want to use your commute to do absolutely nothing, this is okay. Taking a nap can improve performance, mental ability and alertness.

It is incredibly difficult to establish work-life balance as a highly-motivated professional. It’s important to remember that no matter how successful and brilliant your career is or how dynamic your work is, you as an individual have to manage you, the person.

Transfer your mood and mindset from work to family and vice versa while commuting. Don’t bring your home issues on the job nor take your job struggles home, leave them on the journey to and from.

Read And Rehearse

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Research found that someone who spends six hours commuting a week could read a 100,000-word book in that time. So spend your commuting time getting stuck into a great book.

Audiobooks are the most effective way to manage your time on the road. You can instantly reflect on what you’re learning and see how you can apply that knowledge to your work.

With most books being about eight to 16 hours long, they can usually be finished relatively quickly. The ease of access that audiobooks have to offer lets you pick up where you left off from almost anywhere.

Learn A Language

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Neuroscience shows that we often learn best when we study in spaced chunks, and the commute is an ideal time to put that principle into practice.

If it’s always been on your bucket list to learn a language, then what better time to do it than on your commute? There are numerous ways to teach yourself, from good old audiobooks, to downloadable apps, or other notable sources

The first step to learning a new language is to set goals for what you want to achieve. Make your breaks and commutes more productive with your iPhone and Android apps. Make it fun, make it a challenge and reward yourself for your achievements.

Exercise Benefits

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A study of Taiwanese commuters found that people who used public transport were about 15% less likely to be overweight compared to those who travelled to work in cars. This study suggests that short bursts of activities can add up to a meaningful difference in fitness.

Studies have also found that commuters who walked or biked to work were less likely to be overweight and had healthier levels of blood pressure, triglycerides, and insulin, compared to those who drive or take public transport.

While a bus or train journey doesn’t carry the same physical demands as a gym class, it does require a stroll to and from your station or bus stop. Hence your work performance can improve while you commute.

Learn A New Career Stream

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Is your current work situation what you want to do for the rest of your work life? The more versatile you are the better for you.

The concept of the career has been fundamentally challenged, with artificial intelligence and robots doing a lot of the traditional tasks. No organization or career stream is immune to this dynamic and disruptive environment we find ourselves in.

Many job skills can now be learned inexpensively online. It can be your 2nd income stream or a side hustle, as you aim to use your time creatively and productively.

Plan, strategize and start doing something while you commute. You need to respond to changes and you are never too old to learn. One step is the beginning to the longest journey.

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