How To Maintain Productivity In The Mist Of Covid 19

”Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”  Philippians 4: 8  

Tension And Anxiety

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Tension is a feeling of worry that brings on mental and emotional strain or the state of feeling as if you are stretched and pressured. Anxiety on the other hand, makes it difficult for you to relax.

This would produces a sense of nervous dread, or fearing the worst.  Your experiences of heightened tension and anxiety, at this time, does not augur well for your health and performance.

If your efficiency and effectiveness is fading, now might be the right time to restore or arrest your expectations to match reality. If you are hoping to be as effective and efficient as you were pre-Covid, do evaluate yourself and reflect on your future.

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Effective And Efficient Results

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Effectiveness is defined as the degree or level to which you are successful in producing an acceptable result. You are continually looking to improve your performance, working in such a way to come up with inventive strategies and solutions to problems.

Efficiency is the key to achieve goals and results and it is the best way to get things done. When you are efficient, you learn how to prioritize and delegate, without compromising quality.

You should consciously monitor your energy levels and its fluctuation tendencies. Small adjustments can have a huge impact to your mindset and this will boost your productivity.

You can focus on these six specific themes that might help you to make a few tweaks to your own way of working and thinking.

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Spread Your Workload

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How much control do you actually have over your workload? While your workload can often feel out of your control, there may be alternative considerations that you can implement.

Consider politely but firmly pushing back what are not priorities in the immediate term, rearranging what could be focused on later. Be honest and transparent and ask for help. Working yourself into ill health is not very wise.

Strive to manage your time as effectively as possible. Research has shown that taking a break can be very beneficial for you. Micro-breaks have been shown to have a positive relationship with wellbeing and productivity.

Boost Your Energy

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One of the keys to being productive is to know your energy levels and know how to maintain your momentum. You may have tendencies to over-work and under-rest, which will leave you tired, deflated and even demotivated.

It is proven that you can stop eating or drinking (anything other than water) at least three hours before you go to bed to help boost your energy. It’s a simple fasting rule that allows the body to digest food before you go to sleep, which in turn allows the body to heal and re-energizes itself while you are sleeping.

Are you more alert in the morning or evening? Be aware, too, of your hormonal cycle and the shift in your ability to focus and its effects on your level of confidence. Set your activities accordingly to have a smooth flow of your work.

Avoid Brain Freeze

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Neuroscience says that when you’re exhausted you can’t think logically. They say that feeling tired and stressed for prolonged periods of time causes heightened arousal in the brain and that reduces your capacity for remembering facts and for logical reasoning.

You may not be experiencing the extreme symptoms of burnout and exhaustion, but you know that just one bad night’s sleep can impact your ability to focus the following day.

If you’re experiencing a lot of stress please seek support; it’s unlikely to just go away by itself. Brain freeze can lead to many other serious illnesses that will compound the current crises that you are facing because of the pandemic.

Take Timeout To Relax

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In today’s world, your life can be jam packed with things to do, things to think about and things to keep you busy. Regardless if you deeply enjoy your work and find it rewarding, participating in meaningful activities in your personal time is essential.

You should purposely take more time to look after yourself, and spend some time doing nothing really, just relax. You may be able to meet the “real you” that is, the king or the queen in you.

Try listing a few activities that feed your soul, restore your energy and help you keep things in perspective. Aim to do at least one of them daily and commit to doing the others subsequently.

Check Workspace Comfort And Safety

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Great workplaces are successful, growing, and innovative with low staff turnover. They keep high standards, and focus on delivering exceptional customer service and quality products.

Comfort often helps you to be happier, and when you are happy you tend to work harder, which is positive for productivity. By creating a comfortable work environment many tough tasks will be a lot easier to push through.

You can do a mini health-and-safety check to identify what, if any, adjustments could be made. You should make sure things are in good repairs, maintained properly and safely stored to prevent accidents and incidents of an unsafe nature.

Avoid To-Do List That Overwhelms

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While writing down your goals and having a to-do list is highly practical and sensible, sometimes it can seem daunting. You can, instead, prepare piece meals task if you feel flustered when you see everything together that pertains to a long period.

Does the idea of being on a group call or meeting excites you or fills you with dread? The more introverted you are, the more drained you might feel afterwards. If possible you might prefer to space these events throughout the day to give yourself time to recover.

On the other hand, the more extroverted you are, the more you’ll find engaging with other people energizing and uplifting. You are the most important asset in this scenario of productivity so do take good care of yourself.

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