The Natural Flow Of Internet Traffic

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3: 11 

The Flow

Internet traffic consists of human beings searching the web to fulfill their desires, interests and goals. You must understand that they are looking for what they want to find – not what you want them to find. You will learn that they will get where they are going through their methods – not the methods you may prefer for them to use.

You must use valuable content, as content is king in the internet world. Attractive sites and ease of use, will create multiple flow. You have to properly position your site within the flow of Internet traffic. Once you get this right you are on the road to becoming a very successful Internet entrepreneur.

The “flow” of Internet traffic is created using values, combined with effective traffic building strategies. As an effective Internet marketer, understand that Internet traffic consists of human beings with feelings and aim that are hugely diverse.

Marketing Forces

The history and forces, financial and otherwise, have shaped how Internet traffic flows across the wires. For the most part, people make their initial connection to Cyberspace in either dial in from home or work, or they connect through a network at work. 

Browsers have three features that control Internet traffic. Those three features are “Home Page”, “Favorites” or “Bookmarks,” and “History.” The Home Page is all important. That is the first page you see when you open your browser.

Software companies that make browsers (and there are really only two players here – Microsoft and Netscape) can have pre-set bookmarks and favorites. The History feature of a browser, on the other hand, just makes it more likely that you will return to a page once you have been there before. This, in addition to the other features, makes it more likely that pages with traffic will gain even more traffic.

Other types of software-based online marketing include software that resides on your screen independent of a Web browser and displays ads while you surf. You are paid or otherwise rewarded for the time you spend using this software.

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Consumer Choices

Once a user gets beyond these built-in features vying for his or her attention, it becomes more a matter of choice. The Internet user can type in a URL and go to Web pages that have come to the user’s attention through word of mouth or some other media. From there, the user is likely to follow links to other similar pages.

 The next thing a user looks for on the Web is a way to directly find things of interest to him or her. Search engines fulfill that function and have been the most popular sites on the Web. Yahoo was the original Web search engine and thus, by mere force of history, has been one of the most popular sites on the Web.

The choice and interests of the user are a strong factor, dispersing Internet traffic according to demographics. That is, unlike the traditional broadcast media, traffic branches off to different sites according to people’s interests.

Link Follows Link

When staring at their Web browser, people have these choices: They can type in a URL that someone told them about, they can read their home page and follow links from it, they can look at a page in their history or in their favorites, they can go to one of the very popular sites and follow links, or they can go to a search engine and follow links or compose a search phrase.

Experts advises that you put yourself in the position of the persons you are trying to recruit. Think from their perspective rather than your own. This, of course, is excellent advice. People on the Web are looking for content. They seek information applicable to themselves so will move from link to link.

To be a successful Internet marketer, you must take time to think about how people use the Internet. In order to be the target of a link or be listed in a search engine, you must have a Web presence.

Value And Flow

Web surfers are constantly making a judgment about continuing to visit a Website or exiting the site. Two factors come into play: the value of the current page and the promise of value in future site pages. That is, even if the current page has a low perceived value, if there is an indication that the quality of pages may improve, users will stay on the site for another page or two more. But if there is no value, they will leave the site very quickly. This is why we hear so often that “content is king.”

The second principle is that there must be a balance between the difficulty of using a Website and the rewards the user obtains from the Website. The term “flow” has been used to describe what occurs when a user loses himself in a Website. Flow occurs when the user becomes so absorbed that time and task temporarily become unimportant. Whatever the user started out to do online gets temporarily forgotten while they enjoy your site.

When flow occurs, direction, inhibitions, and caution give way to impulse, and the user is much more likely to join or buy something promoted on the site. The site must be both interesting and easy to navigate for this to occur. Flow is also a concept that applies to movement from one Website to another. Banners or textual links must be in context and create a smooth transition from one site to another to be effective. Otherwise, the flow is broken and interest is lost.

Traffic Building

Once you have planned a Website that has value and creates flow, you need to direct traffic to your site. You can buy a domain name permanently.  A domain name can be legally owned or held by any person, entity or organization who is also known as domain registrant.

Make it easy for your potential customers to access and navigate your site. Always keep your audience in mind and take advantage of all the available website analytical tools. Promote your site at every opportunity that you have to reach maximum audience.

Website can be paid or free and there are other sites that will allow you to advertise on their platforms. Ads, of course, can be free, exchanged, or paid. There are also many affiliate arrangements that you can start your business without any initial investment.

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