Start Thinking Like A Search Engine!!

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” – Proverbs 17:22

What Is A Search Engine?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Search engine is a computer program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user. It is used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.

When you look for things of interest on the Internet, you go to search engines and directories. A directory is a listing of category by subject headings with Websites listed under the specific categories. You browse through or “drill down” the categories until you find what you are looking for.

Search engines, on the other hand, have a form in which you input “keywords”, and pages of results are displayed. The results are lists of Websites that pertain to the keywords. Search engines seek out and index Websites on the Internet according to keywords. When you type a search word or phrase, a search engine scans its database and returns a list of successful matches to your request.

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Importance of Search Engine

The “reach” of a search engine is usually defined as the percentage of all Web users who visit the site at least once a month. This “reach” is of vital importance for ranking. Another factor by which to judge a search engine is the percentage of Web pages it has indexed.

Even the most comprehensive search engine is aware of no more than 16% of the estimated pages on the Web, according to one study. The pages that do end up indexed take an average of six months to be discovered by the search engines, according to the study. Thus, you cannot wait for the search engines to find your site. You have to submit it to them.

Although there are thousands of search engines, just a few are noticeable, as they receive the overwhelming majority of all search engine traffic. The amount of information being indexed by commonly used search engines is increasing, but not as fast as the amount of information that is being put on the Web.

Search Engine At Work

When knowledgeable Webmasters build their Websites, they use the “meta tag keywords” on each page and insert the relevant keywords for that page. Thus, when your search engine indexes sites, it automatically grabs the keywords from the keyword meta tag, and you are good to go.

You can pretend that you are starting your own search engine business to retire as a zillionaire. You would certainly want your database to include all of the important, valuable Websites on the Internet. You would also want a comprehensive list of all the other not-so-great sites as well.

 You would want your visitors to be able to efficiently find just what they want among those sites when they search your engine, by typing a keyword or phrase. You would want the most useful, valuable, high-quality sites to come up first in the list, followed by the less useful sites.

You would also prefer a means to identify sites, and rank them to come in order of ranking. The most relevant sites must show up first, followed by the less relevant sites in the search results. The better you achieve these things, the more people will like your search engine which will result in its success.

Associate Keywords With Sites

The first thing you have to figure out as a search engine operator is how to associate keywords with sites. You cannot examine all the sites and write keywords for them. You will either have to create a program that can read sites and make the keywords for them, or you will have to get the site publishers to do that themselves.

One process is to make the Webmaster submit keywords when submitting their sites to your engine. Since you want as many sites on your engine as possible, you do not want to wait. You can then go out and find sites. This is called the “spider” engines, which go out and find the pages on various sites themselves.

What you could do, also, is to support a standard whereby a certain meta tag is included in the HTML code of all Web pages. This will contain the keywords the Webmaster thinks are appropriate for his or her site. That is indeed what is happening quite a lot. Hence all HTML supports the meta tag keywords for that very purpose.


Here are a few things you might consider to evaluate quality for ranking. Check the HTML code of the submitted pages for errors. This is a signal of sloppy resources and work; or it can be that the Webmaster is less than knowledgeable.

If the Webmaster is unprofessional in his coding, he may also be so with the content. You can check the number of other sites which link to this site. If there are many sites linking to this site, obviously some human beings have looked at it and determined that it has some value.

Consider the quality ranking of the sites which are linked to it. If known high-quality sites are linking to it, it probably is a high-quality site itself. Look at the number of outgoing links from the site and see where they go. There is some ratio of links to volume of text content that is characteristic of high-quality sites. The quality of the pages linked to it is also a factor.

How long was the site at the same address? Many sites come and go. The fact that a site lasts, is an indication of its quality. You will need to revisit the ranking of the sites on your engine from time to time to re-evaluate these factors. Simple things like the amount of content on a site and whether it has its own domain name would also be important.

Affiliate Marketing

As a Webmaster or an affiliate doing internet marketing, search engines are important to you. Spend some time thinking like a search engine operator. Think of other things that would be important in evaluating keyword relevancy and judging the value of sites and incorporate them in your Web pages.

Use your common sense and imagination to design Websites that would be favorably evaluated and ranked by search engine operators. That should go a long way towards having your pages favorably evaluated and ranked by the real search engines.

A successful website has clear, relevant and keyword-rich content that delivers the right messages with power and conviction. The content on your website should target your audience, engage them and persuade them to take action. Then go out and advertise your sites.

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