Secure Outbound Links For Your Websites

Ephesians 4: 16  “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

The Use of Hyperlink

A web link or hyperlink is an HTML object that allows you to jump to a new location when you click or tap it. Links provide a simple means of navigating between pages on the web. They can be found on almost every webpage and can be attached to text, images, or other HTML elements.

You should create each working page of your Website with the concept that they should be able to flow smoothly. Each page should tie in with other pages on your Website and with other pages on the world-wide web which are dealing with the same subject matter.

One way to accomplish this is by the appropriate use of outbound links. Each page should be able to stand on its own and also capable of fitting into a broader trail of information on the same theme.

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Outbound Links

Your website can stand above the average sites, when you pay attention to the subject of outbound links. These links help your site visitors to follow the information they want to follow. They also allow visitors to move in the way that they want to, using the information trail.

To fit well, a page must have incoming links from valued pages on the same or a complimentary subject matter. Just as importantly, a page must have outgoing links to quality pages which carry the same or a uniform issue with the same ideas.

Let your Website be a stepping stone in one of these information trails. Someone may come directly to your page from a page on some other Website and should be able to leave your page and go directly to a page containing complimentary information on yet another Website.

Sticky Websites

The search engines desire to promote information paths and trails whereby viewers can go from page to page, across different Websites. The aim is to have them read only what is of interest to them on each Website.

Of utmost importance is that the visitors gain another useful piece of information at each stop. What about the need to make your own Website “sticky”? You have to balance the need for a “sticky” Website with one that people will visit in the first place. The stickiest Website in the world is worthless if no one ever visits it.

Be realistic about your chances of snatching a visitor traveling through this particular page on your Website. Take your best shot at enticing them into other pages of your Website. However, be prepared to let them go if they are not interested.

Traffic Payoff

As long as the traffic keeps coming through your website, you will get your percentage of payoffs. If no traffic comes through, you won’t be getting any payoffs.

You have to put the rest of your own Website in competition with other quality pages on the Internet to which you provide outbound links.  Courageously include their links and then beat them in the competition for your viewer’s further attention.

This is for a very practical reason that promotes your own economic interest. Adding quality outbound links will enhance your Website in the eyes of your visitors, the search engines, and the publishers of other quality webpages on the subject.

This enhanced perception of your site will result in more links to your site. Links to your site are, of course, what keeps your site in the flow of Internet traffic.

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Open Verses Closed Loops

When you make a link you should certainly let the publishers of that site know and hope for a link in return, but that should not be your primary purpose in including outbound links. These exchanged outbound links, included for favor only, create closed loops that leads to dead ends.

What Internet users need are free flowing streams of information, not closed loops. Design your outbound links to assist your visitors and to contribute to the free flow of Internet traffic.

Internet traffic benefits everyone when things are moving, but no one gains when things slow down. Thus, every working page on your site should have appropriate outbound links in addition to the links to other pages of your site.

Work In Progress

Creating new working pages for your site should be an evolving effort. Always see your site as a work in progress. The Website of the future is one that facilitates new information being added continuously.

You should constantly be writing or finding new articles and new features that you can include on new working pages of your site. When you have useful information, your pages are capable of serving as stepping stones in larger paths of information. Hence you should promote these pages individually and collectively in a very effective way.

The Website is an active selling tool through the use of appropriately placed in-context payoff links. Package your site with attractive content boxes so that your working pages can stand out.

Guard Your Content

First, find a subject that fits into the theme of your Website and also fits into broader information trails across the Internet. Make sure the article includes outbound links to complimentary articles on the same subject matter located on other high quality Websites.

Create a new Working Page on your Website whose main content is this new article that you have written or acquired. Prepare a title and a short description of the article. Make this description as appealing as you can so people will want to read the full article. Use the link to this working page on your Website as the “Link element”.

Anyone who subscribes to your site will see the addition of the new article to your site and have opportunity to read the description. The Blog page of your site serves as a menu of the working pages of your Website. This allows you to keep the main menu of your Website uncluttered. Be consistent, be topical, and interesting.

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