Winter Holidays: Great Time to Connect!!

 Genesis 1: 14 – 15:  And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth.” And it was so.”

Between Autumn And Spring

Winter is often defined by meteorologists to be the three calendar months with the lowest average temperatures. This is the season between autumn and spring. This period corresponds to December, January and February in the Northern Hemisphere, and June, July and August in the Southern Hemisphere.

The meaning “wet” gave rise to the Old English word “winter” as the fourth season of the year and that name for the season has stuck ever since. In spring the weather usually turns warmer, trees begin to grow their leaves, plants start to flower and young animals such as chicks and lambs are born. “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” – Paul Theroux.

“We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than what they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.” – Gary Zukhav

The Beauty of Creation

Nature in the winter season is sleeping, because of low temperatures, frost in the air and snowing weather. You can see a world, covered by snow, as a ground, that no one has placed there or can create.

You sleep better in the winter, as well, because as you go to sleep, your body temperature lowers. Snow is also better than rain because you won’t get as soaked, and you can actually do activities in it, like skiing or throwing snowballs.

Winter is good for the entire world around us. Many plants need shorter days and low temperatures to become dormant. In the colder weather, the trees have no leaves and the amount of time it is light during the day is at its shortest.

Also, the winter season is the best time in the year to see the stars in the night sky, because they are the brightest at this time of the year. Snow is a beautiful covering everywhere like a fluffy white blanket that makes a picturesque panorama.

Multicultural Seasonal Celebrations

From Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Saint Nicholas Day to Kwanzaa, to name a few, there are lots of different winter holiday celebrations. These are multicultural and uniquely different for all to enjoy.

Taking time to learn about a few holidays, universally, can enrich your life. It can also help you gain a better understanding of, and strengthen relationships with the people around you. And that’s what we’re all about, building better relationships and connecting with each other.

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Economic Surges

Christmas and Thanksgiving are typically the largest economic stimulus for many nations around the world as sales increase dramatically. “Our economy depends on Christmas spending. It boosts production. It creates jobs. It increases the GDP.” As Sarah Palin puts it in Good Tidings and Great Joy “Christmas helps to employ millions of people and props up our entire retail economy.”

Companies that are in the hospitality business, event planning, e-commerce, travel and tour organization hire employees for summer part-time jobs, Christmas jobs, winter jobs, and holiday help jobs. The market for seasonal jobs soars high during the holiday season in winter.

However, extreme weather can bring significant storms that preclude many workers from going to work.  This can create significant declines in revenue for the duration of the inclement weather. What’s more, consumer activity is usually suppressed during extreme weather events.

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Grab Your Gift

The 4 gift rules are supposed to be, firstly, something they need, then something they want, something to wear and something to read. You should aim to divide the cost equally by the number of kids (and adults) you’re buying for, as far as possible.

It’s the thought that counts, that is of utmost importance in giving a gift. It is the effort, consideration and sacrifice that is put into it. Whether or not the gift-giver has chosen a present that the recipient truly wants or can actually use is of little consequence.

More generally, economists say December is the best month to buy a new car. Buyers save an average of 10.3% off MSRP. That would mean a saving of $4,258 on a purchase of $41,338 — the average price for a new car this month. Go for it if you see the need!!

Excellent Job Opportunities

There are many winter jobs that offer excellent opportunities for people who love to work in the snowy weather. These include winter-only jobs and outdoor jobs that take place year-round. Some industries that have jobs in the winter include:

  • Winter sports:  Sports like skiing, snowboarding and hockey provide career opportunities ranging from playing sports to facilitating events to covering sports events in the media.
  • Hospitality:  Resorts require a broad range of staff positions to operate effectively, creating many opportunities for individuals who like the snow to find winter employment.
  • Snow removal: Snow removal is an integral winter industry in cold weather locations. Jobs involve removing fallen snow from areas of automotive or foot traffic to enable people to continue their daily activities.
  • Delivery: Delivery professionals can work year-round, and their responsibilities often remain the same throughout the year. This means that having a job in this industry can allow you to work during the winter months as well.
  • Photography: A photographer takes pictures professionally, either working for a client who pays them directly or selling their photographs independently. Photographers may also provide additional photography-related services, such as photo retouching.

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