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A special blessing to you for this day.

I am the third of twelve children of my parents. I was well positioned to take up the “mother” role but my parents always insisted that all of us should take full advantage of the then available education. So because I have the aptitude I was given special favour at home which allowed me to study and qualify myself.

I love figures so I am an accountant with ACCA credentials. I also love the Lord Jesus Christ and has completed a Diploma in Bible Theology from the Assemblies of God Bible School. I love to teach in Sunday School and Church. I am a member of the Ruimveldt Life Improvement Centre, AOG located at 717 Avocado Place, East Ruimveldt, Greater Georgetown.

I have seen the accounting profession shift drastically in my 40 years in this field because of the advent on accounting software packages that are available today. Advance technology will continue to dominate job environments with the internet leading the way. I decided to join the stream of internet income earners and so I am here as a MARKETING AFFILIATE.

The world loves the internet. This love affair has no evidence of divorce. You should get entangled in this love affair now, it is safe. You are not too old to start learning today. I challenge you, run after education, embrace it with passion. What you have in you no one can take from you.

I pray that God will help you to make the best of all that He brings your way. May you have fun while you earn, I pray that this will not be “labour” to you.

Stay Blessed
Ms Evette

Self and 3 kids

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